[PERMANENTLY CLOSED] DevShowdown applications! [1/25]

What is DevShowdown?

DevShowdown is a developer collab, where they/their teams make an NPC that will fight another NPCs by other developers!

Also we have a subcategory where your NPC will be rated in

  • Originality
  • Visuals
  • Sounds

Sounds good, how do I join?

Step 1: Complete the Google Doc

Step 2: Contact me on Discord
Step 3: Wait for others
Step 4: Make the NPC!
Step 5: Send it to me, and wait for results and fight footage!


  • No discriminatory NPCs
  • No NSFW NPCs
  • No overpowered NPCs (NPC requirements listed in discord server I’ll send when you DM me)


This is first ever DevShowdown, without any reward, I plan making this every month with a robux price! If you want to help me make this DevShowdown have an reward, please donate by buying any of my shirts/pants/tshirts!


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