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Permanently Closed

I have been developing on Roblox for around 2 years and have worked on a number of personal projects. Some can be seen below in the “showcase” section. Google Maps & Images are used to create a realistic and correct representation of the building in Roblox.

Some of my work includes:

Bloxfield Shopping Centre
Grill'd Restaurant

Payment can be sent in Robux or through PayPal:


Coming Soon


Coming Soon

You can get in contact with me through:
Permanently Closed


I’m unable to see what your work looks like for me to see your work in more detail. Could you send some high-quality screenshots of your work? Or better - include links to the games you’ve done.

Hey. The showcase has now been updated to show some examples.

Nice usage of lighting but do you do big map that are very detailed?

Hi there. Thank you. Depending on how detailed the map is. I try to copy as closely as possible to the real design.

Awesome, what is your pricing like?

Hey. Haven’t sorted any of that out as commissions will be closed for a while.