Permit disabling the new loading screen

Today I saw a new loading screen which shows the game’s thumbnail and author. This is shown in place of the loading screen that I created and prefer for my game. By the time my own loading screen is shown, most assets have loaded and my own loading screen is only very briefly shown.

Please permit disabling of the new loading screen.


Have you tried using this?

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Yes, my game already does that as part of the custom loading screen. This new loading screen seems to ignore this.

I don’t think I changed anything with the flow of the loading screen, but I could be wrong. I’ll check into it.

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The problem has always been there:


I never found custom loading screens to work. The default roblox one always showed and then sometimes it would maybe transition to mine so I just removed it all together.


It has been working for me until today. This video shows the game starting followed immediately by the custom loading screen (starting at 6:48 in the video and lasting only about 7 seconds)

I’m still not sure how that would’ve worked before this update or why it would’ve changed; I only changed cosmetics in the loading screen script. It is possible that someone else changed something I’m not aware of and it just happened to coincide. We did have a client release last night.

Still, I’m going to make it a high priority to fix this starting with @Anaminus’s suggestions. Thanks everyone!


@Anaminus, @AxeOfMen

Just wanted to give you guys an update because I know this is a big part of making your game really your own! I’ve found a solution I think will work really well. The PlayerGui should begin to show up at around the same time as ReplicatedFirst when this update goes live. It’ll still be a while because of our review & release schedule, but I figured you guys would like to know.


This is really good news!

So how is this coming? It’s been three months since this news, and we’re still seeing the problem.
We’ve put timing warnings in our code to see when stuff is becoming available.

game.Players.LocalPlayer:WaitForChild(“PlayerGui”) takes ~3 seconds to finish after our ReplicatedFirst script starts executing. This is about the same time as our ReplicatedStorage modules to become available.


Soon. I had broken something regarding replication of the Player object. It was really subtle, but also quite important. I was working on a unit test before I had to leave for the holidays, but it should be back in soon. I can’t turn it on on a Friday, so I’m aiming for Monday.



Did anything happen with this? I’m assuming it’s still not turned on.

I was always wondering about this, please enable soon! I want my custom loading screen to show the whole time, or most of the time.