Personal GFX Feedback!

Hello everyone! I have just finished making myself a personal gfx for a few people.

Featuring: @damyee @HenryDev & @0929lego

Give me some feedback on what you think about it! & thank you for reading! :smiley:


It’s a amazing gfx BUT there’s two problems. looks like there in the middle of nowhere I think the green is suppose be grass?And the background is grey.

2.@0929lego,his arms looks detached I’m not sure what to improve but good luck it’s a amazing job on lighting…(no offenses

  1. They are in a map but I positioned them in that spot

but about lego, i am sorry for the rigs detaching.

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In my personal preference I would recommend to add something in the background.

Character Posing is good.
Attention to shading of the Characters is good.
Shadows are okay.

Background could be improved. Are you using Blender or Cinema4D?

blender, i have 0 clue on how to use Cinema4D

If you are using Blender or C4D, a good youtuber with good tutorials on background scenery and stuff like that would be Sensei Veggito

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