Pet Simulator Update 14

Biggest Pet Simulator update so far - 2 days before Christmas. Enjoy :smiley:

Pet Simulator Update 14 Changelog (December 23, 2018)


Entire. New. World. :snowflake: Experience: Winter Wonderland! :snowflake: Includes a super cozy shop and 3 coin areas! Limited time only.

  • 4 New eggs :star_struck: - Limited Time only!

  • New Limited Time currency - Snow Coins! Only obtainable in Winter Wonderland.


  • Dozens of new pets!

  • VIP members now get 35 extra pet slots and no limit for trades - FOR FREE!

  • Coin progress HUD now scales based on the pickup size! (EX: Chests have bigger progress HUD)

  • Renamed teleports (QOL) and put them in order!

  • Added personalized explosion FX to all insane pickups!


  • Optimized coin faces.

  • Using DistanceFromCharacter instead of magnitude. (large noticeable performance increase)

  • Changed bottom raycast for pets. (slight performance increase)

  • Distance between player and pet dynamic. (based on pet size)


  • Fixed cracks in overworld.

  • Fixed being able to teleport to boss chests.

  • Fixed pickup sounds not being relative. (been a bug since launch!)

  • Random other bug fixes and slight performance increases.


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