Pet sinks to the ground when player jumps

This is my first time playing around with roblox phyics and I have no Idea why my pet is doing this.



local function equipPet(player,pet)
	local character = player.Character
	if pet ~= nil and character ~= nil then
		if character:FindFirstChild(player.Name.."'s Pet") then
			character[player.Name.."'s Pet"]:Destroy()
		if character:FindFirstChild("attachmentCharacter") then
		pet.Name = player.Name.."'s Pet"
		local modelSize = pet.PrimaryPart.Size
		local attachmentCharacter ="Attachment")
		attachmentCharacter.Visible = false
		attachmentCharacter.Name = "attachmentCharacter"
		attachmentCharacter.Parent = character.HumanoidRootPart
		attachmentCharacter.Position =,1,0) + modelSize
		local attachmentPet ="Attachment")
		attachmentPet.Visible = false
		attachmentPet.Parent = pet.PrimaryPart
		local alignPosition ="AlignPosition")
		alignPosition.MaxForce = 2500
		alignPosition.Attachment0 = attachmentPet
		alignPosition.Attachment1 = attachmentCharacter
		alignPosition.Responsiveness = 25
		alignPosition.Parent = pet
		local alignOrientation ="AlignOrientation")
		alignOrientation.MaxTorque = 25000
		alignOrientation.Attachment0 = attachmentPet
		alignOrientation.Attachment1 = attachmentCharacter
		alignOrientation.Responsiveness = 25
		alignOrientation.Parent = pet
		pet.Parent = character

EDIT: I want it so it looks natural

Change the MaxForce of the AlignPosition

Should I lower it or increase it?

I’m not really good at using those objects
Just try both and see which works well
or maybe MaxVelocity lol

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I tried math.huge

completly broke the script

I think its to do with

but when this is changed the pet doesn’t feel natural