Petals Around the Roses

This is a somewhat popular dice game I recreated on roblox:

The rules are in the description. You have to figure out how the answers are being generated. It’s not random and there is a method.

If you give up, look it the answer on google (forever losers :frowning:)


Don’t think math.


LOOK at the dots and think about all the rules.

Note: Made it cause I was testing die and I remembered this die game. So yeah…
Note2: I would have made the dice have circular holes, but roblox’s triangle limit :frowning:

Oh man I have no idea how this works but now I have to figure it out without looking up the answer. xD

Oh, I figured it out. I was severely overcomplicating this in my head. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t know why no one has recreated this game. I love stumping people with it.

Here’s a slight problem with the dice:

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guess that’s a 6.

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It was actually 1.

Well, i was only 5 off.

The description was throwing me off. I ended up picking a die that’s in the center (“stem”), comparing it with the die, using the center one with each one, if it ended up at an odd number it counted as zero, if it was an even number I’d count that other die (non-center one) into the total. It seemed to work “sometimes” so it was really pissing me off

Say “The final answer always ends up being even, and for a reason”

Also, there’s something about “guessing the answer 5 times in a row” or something? Just clarify that the point of the “game” is to figure out the rule that applies to every scenario. For some reason I was under the impression that the rules would be different each time you rolled.

I had to google the answer

Nice. I saw this puzzle a year or so ago. It’s dead easy when you know what you are looking for. The name is such a huge hint.

After testing and debunking a few math theories I was like… wait a second, time for a different approach… lol
I got stumped the way the creator intended for me to get stumped q_q

Yeah, that happened to me also. I’ll have to do something about that in the future (planning on using dice for a game.)

The rules I put are the official rules. I don’t wana change them much. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ha, well that 2nd hint gave it to me. I was stuck on this since last night, looking for patterns, throwing my mediocre math at it, even went as far as reading the wikipedia page on roses to see if there was anything applicable there.

More colors! (Might add into the place…)

That second hint is OP, pls nerf. It rules out pretty much all math equations.
@Ninja_Deer, add a D20 to throw them off, rofl

That die is op. Going to make it :Q

The biggest hint would be that if the dice had the actual numeric number symbols on them (1, 2, 3, 4…) then it kinda doesn’t work/ make sense any more

Also, the CSG takes like a good 3 minutes to load in on my/ my brother’s computer when we played this last night

That would make it harder. Without the rose, how do you calculate the petals? Its easier to work out with the symbols imo.

I meant that it’s easier with the dots than the written numbers

My bad, I read your post as saying it would be easier to use numbers :joy:, not that the lack of numbers is a hint