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About Me

My name is Peter. I’m 17 years old. I’ve been developing on ROBLOX with Lua for about two and a half years now and have made a couple discord bots in my free time with Lua. I’m very active and have a lot of free time for developing. I worked for Pancake Simulator for a little over a month, which you can see in my games and check their game description for my twitter (@HttpPeter0). I lead a development team called Vicious Developers which is an on and off project. We have a game called Freerun, which you can see in my games section of experience. I also recently made BEDTIME, which is a short horror game. I made a few solo games for fun, but some of them aren’t active. I do a lot of little things for my friends and their small communities, mostly Roblox sports, usually baseball.


Here are a few games I’ve either created entirely myself, or worked on with other people.

My Work

Here are some examples of my work.


I am homeschooled, so I’m available a lot. I can work anywhere between 3-6 hours every single day. Obviously, I might need breaks here and there, or less hours every so often, but for the most part that’s my availability.


Prices are negotiable. I accept hourly pay, per asset, and potentially percentage pay, depending on the project.


Message me on the developer forum, or:
Twitter -
Discord - peterr#7973

Thanks! :smile:

For the second game pancake simulator you are not ranked any type of dev or anything like that in the group why is that?

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We stopped developing the game and I decided to leave the group since we were done with it. My twitter is still in the description of the game, though.

Okay thank you for the clarification

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