Pets inside the player's character break the camera!

Hello everybody!

So, I have a pet system. On the server, I add the pet to the “Pets” folder, which is in the character of the player. I set the player as the network owner for pets and send the event to the local server. On the local server, I handle the event and load the motion tween for the pet.

The problem is that if the pets are behind the player’s camera, then the player becomes “invisible”.

I found out that this is due to the fact that pets are in the character of the player. If I move the pets to another location, then there is no such error. But, if the pets are not in the character of the player, then their animations will not be replicated to the server.

What solutions can you suggest to this problem?

Thanks for reading my problem. I will be glad for any help. I wish you good luck and a nice day!

Animations of NPC’s (that includes pets) should be loaded on the server not on the client.

You could parent the pet to the “Player” instance as opposed to the character model of the “Player” instance. If you want to keep each player and their pets organised.

If I upload animations on the server, can I manage them on the local server?