Pew Shooters Rules

Pew Shooters

Pew Shooters Rulebook & Information

This document will explain some general rules to follow while at the hotel. It will also provide some information that is useful to know.


· Do NOT beg or ask for a higher rank, you must be active and work hard.

· Do NOT free rank anyone. This includes making your friends or other acquaintances any rank you feel like giving them. Everyone must pass application! If you are caught doing this strictly prohibited act, you will be fired.

· Do NOT abuse your powers just because you are a higher rank, because someone is a lower rank than you, it DOES NOT give you permission to bully them around or treat them less respectful. Everyone is equal.


· To get ranked up you need pass application. When you passed application you will be ranked automaticly.


· Promotions are given out to those who are active, kind, and work hard at the hotel and the interview center.

· On rank Head Of Security and above you must be handpicked to get that rank.

· Begging for promotions will result in a demotion or exile.

Group Shout & Wall

· If you are choosing to use the group shout, please make sure that is it necessary and important before shouting it out to everyone.

· Inappropriate shouts or unnecessary shouts will be removed, and you will also be fired for abusing the shout privilege.

· Do not spam on the group wall about unnecessary or inappropriate topics. Doing this will result in a permanent suspension.

Admin Commands

· You are allowed to use admin commands when you are rank Management or above.

· Do not use any abusive commands to yourself or any other players. This includes commands like :sparkles me :fire me :jail me, etc.

· If you catch someone who is abusing their admin commands, screenshot the evidence and send it to a High rank.

· Any admin that is deemed abusive will be fired without question.

· Never use any fun commands while at the interview center. The commands are strictly for conducting interviews in a serious manner, not to fool around.


· While at the hotel, be sure to respect all guests and staff.

· Be sure to follow all Roblox rules and guidelines.

Important things to know before you start application

· Rank Receptionist - Works at reception. Job task Give Rooms
· Rank Gardener You will do work in garden!
· Rank House Keeper - Can open room doors and clean hotel and rooms. Job task Clean Rooms
· Rank Food Service - Work at canteen. Job task Serve Food
· Rank Relax Center Staff- You will work in Relax Center and keep visitors relaxed!
· Rank Security - Job task Keep Hotel Safe

·You must respect higher ranks.
·Trolling and exploiting is not allowed.
·You must remain grammar.
·If you see trollers give them 3 warnings and then report them to HR+
·If you see exploiters report them to Roblox or HR+
·If you fail application you will not get ranked and your rank will be Hotel Member

Thats all you must know before application