Photorealism/Realistic Apartment feedback and suggestions

What do you think of this build? I know it’s a very small build but it took me a few hours to make it (I did use some free models to save time though) Constructive criticism is highly appreciated.

This build was inspired by the game Photorealism.




wow really this is really good :+1:. It is very realistic.

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This build is godly. If I lived here tho, the place wouldn’t be white for long, haha. But in all seriousness, I might actually use this as inspiration, though very basic, I love the way it is set up and how “to-the-point” it is. Personally, I would tone down the blur a couple notches, but other than that, you have my highest respect.

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thanks lol, i appreciate that.

nice reflections, builds, and all, but i can really tell this isn’t real life because like the blankets, some building, and lighting. but its really good

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Honestly the assets are good and realistic, but the proportions are not that good, and the lighting can use some work
I recommend you to use custom textures for the wood material and maybe some light concrete texture for the walls

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