[PHP] PlayerCount

How would I script this in PHP to get total playercount in my game? I seen it before on websites. And other stats like favorites, like ratio, etc/

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You would use the Roblox API like in literally any language: https://api.roblox.com/docs?useConsolidatedPage=true

There is a Roblox-PHP wrapper but I don’t believe it let’s you get game information.

With that said, you really shouldn’t use PHP for anything unless you want a bad and insecure application, stuck in 2004 and unsuitable for the modern web.

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This was related to my roblox development source, rbxTech. but alright. thank you for the feedback

Endpoint for getting the number of people playing:
Endpoint for getting the number of favorites:
Endpoint for vote statistics:

Doing a bit of searching beforehand goes a long way. The endpoint pages can be a bit hard to find/search through, though, so I understand the confusion.

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