Physical Sound Engine (feedback wanted)

Feedback or just general comments on the system would be super useful, thanks!
(Sound of the trashcan is slightly delayed due to the sound file, it was the best I could find in the toolbox)


That’s really cool. Are you going to use this for a VR game, or what? Also, I would like this as a plugin.

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This is so cool! sounds great! can’t wait to hear these in a game

I’d consider using it for a VR game if I ever make one, however, I’m currently planning to use it for a pc game using that grabbing system shown in the video. And if I’m very happy with the end result of it, I may well create a plugin for it, It would be pretty cool if more games had a sound system like this one.


I was impressed by the sound system. I would like to see some more sounds / gameplay of this mechanic in the near future.

Also, using this in VR would be phenomenal. Just don’t forget the rest of us!


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