Physics Suddenly Updated and Are Causing Trouble, How Can I Fix This?

It seems that as of today, physics aren’t working correctly for a puck in my hockey game, and this change quite literally happened overnight, with no updates made to my game. I was playing the game last night, and it was perfectly fine, and now the puck no longer works correctly.

I’m completely lost as to why this is occurring; I deleted every BodyMover inside the puck and it still acts like this. Interestingly enough, this cannot be recreated in studio, and the physics work as intended while in studio.

However, in-game, the puck does not work as intended.

If any of you can come up with a workaround, it would be very appreciated. People are constantly playing my game and I am sure they will not very confused when they are unable to dribble the puck in-game. Thank you!


Could perhaps be a global issue with physics? Not sure though.

I’ve tested other hockey games similar to mine, and it seems like they don’t face this issue, so I believe it’s only affecting my game.

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Did you commit scripts? Perhaps some scripts are not committed hence the reason it is not working in-game and only studio?

No updates were made to the game last night, which is why I’m confused as to why it no longer works correctly today.


Update on the situation; it seems like the puck is slow to render changes to its velocity. For example, I can hit the puck forward while its going backwards, but it will not listen to my attempt to change the velocity, and will continue to go backwards instead, which is why it’s going backwards in the video.


I’m having this problem too with my trains, they were working fine and now they are super unstable and derail almost constantly.

If it’s not rendering changes fast enough, perhaps the puck could be simulated on the server side so you could SetNetworkOwner to the nearest player or a player touching it. In studio, try going to Studio Settings, Network, and set incoming replication lag to 0.2 or something. If the glitch happens then its probably what i had said.