Piña Cafe | Public Handbook


Greetings! Welcome to Piña Cafe Official Public Handbook! “Stay Fruity!” We are an Cafe named Piña Cafe! We give best services for all of our Customers! We love each of single person we’ve seen in our Cafe! If you have any Questions please ask to our Staff! They will gladly love to answer for you! But at Pi na Cafe we do tons of Giveways & ect in future! Links of our Social should be putted inside of our Group inside at roblox!

Training Schedule

Greetings, want to attend an Training Session? Our time is all listed bellow me!


  • 6AM
  • 8AM
  • 10AM
  • 12PM
  • 2PM
  • 4PM
  • 6PM
  • 8PM
  • 10PM

:warning: please remember that not all of staff can always host these times. :warning:


Did you heard Alliances? Of course we did! Piña Cafe is happy to always meet new Alliances and new People to our Community! Heres what we can corporate with you and your community!

  • Posting the New Alliance Adgreedment to Public
  • Piña Cafe x Your Communtiy Name
    ^ Alliance Events,Visits,Games,Ect.
  • Posting your announcements
  • Introducing our Other Alliances!
  • Will need you to read our Guidelines and we will read yours
  • And more!
Code of Conduct
  • Respect
    ^ Respect is HIGLY required inside of our community.
  • Attire
    ^ Innapropriate Clothing is not allowed at the Cafe.
  • Trolling & Exploiting
    ^ Trolling and Exploiting is not supported at Piña Cafe. If you do choose to do these, serious consequences will appear.
  • Advertising
    ^ Advertising inside the Piña Cafe Community is not permitted and we are not to be utilized as your place to advertise.
Staff & Teams

Staff and Teams are holded to be an Official Staff at Piña Cafe. We have each Teams that each SHRS+ (formally known as Staff). To contact them, please head down inside our Communications Server for more information.

  • Piña Cafe Roblox Group
  • Sadly, duo to Roblox ToS, i cannot put more of our Links, the others are putted inside Roblox Group.

That’s it! Thanks for reading! Any Questions or Inquiries? DM Me or the other Staff from the Piña Cafe Staff Team!

Piña Cafe Ownership Team