PI | Speech House

Hello, this is the forum for the Speech House and if you are looking at this forum you will be looking at some of our rules to the game and also guiding you with lot’s of information and more! Let’s go through the rule first.

  • Do NOT treat the Staff like rubbish! Treat them with kindness and respect at all times!

  • If you are trolling, exploiting or any other things you do that makes a Staff member moody will result in a Kick/ban or PBan.

  • If you see a hacker or an exploiter during your visit at the Speech House then type the command !help in the chat and this will alert in - game Moderators or Admins in the game.

This is all I have for the Bulletin Board, more will be coming soon as I try to make it more detailed and set out neatly. - Have a good evening/morning!