Pickaxe appearing away from player's hand

why does this happen?

Make sure you have the tool grip done properly. Here’s a tool grip editor.

Is the tool welded to the grip? If it is, check where the grip is on the tool as said above.

Is the tool anchored or not???

  1. make sure the tool is not anchored
  2. in the tool’s properties you can change the position of the grip

image Okay now this is happening

I have made a few tools before.

I Union all of the parts in the tool and call the Union “Handle”. To keep it near the player, try adjusting the Tool’s properties called GripPos.

If it’s a meshed tool, then it should still stay together…

Ok… Try using a WeldConstraint between Handle and MeshPart, or unioning those.

Make sure you have a set handle then to keep it all together use something like the weld script inside the tool.

It would also be a good idea to destroy the script after it welds the tool.