Pickaxe Modeler for Strucid

Hey, I’m the creator of Strucid. I’m looking for a modeler to make me some new pickaxes!

What do you get in return?
I’m paying up to 5,000 R$ per pickaxe depending on the complexity and creativity. Also, you will receive a FREE copy of it in my game if you are a fan of it ;3

If you’re interested, hit me up on Discord: AndrewW#7762

Here are some examples:



i sent a friend request, len_ny

i’ve got 4 years expierence in 3d modelling, done complex and low poly, so this shouldnt be a challenge

I’ve added you on discord but I can’t send messages as we don’t share a server.
if you accept I can send you some of my work and you can tell me if you’re interested.

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