Pioneer Studios is looking for Testers! (PC/PHONE/TABLET)

Hello there!

Pioneer Studios is currently looking for Testers to test out our upcoming project. The alpha is set to be released at the end of this month or early August. Our developers have been working very hard and we’re excited to announce that our project demo is set to release, therefore we need A LOT of testers to experiment with our current systems, suggest new additions to those systems, help us identify and fix bugs, but most importantly, to help us see if the game is FUN and addictive. We also need testers to see how different types of players and play styles “work” with our game! With all of that in mind, if you want to apply as a tester, DM me on discord and I will ask you some questions! :smiley:

Here are some of our maps!

Why should you test?
Testing is an essential part of the development and this will help “we” the developers are tasked to tackle bugs and issues within the game. User feedback is also really needed when creating any project as this will give us an insight into what our audience would like and what can be done better development-wise.

You will be receiving a role in the group, one in the discord server, special tester benefits and early access to experimental versions of the game!

We look forward to having you contact us below!
Discord, iiUnisTy#8356


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