Pirate Island- DevBlog: Super Bloxy Odyssey Alpha Demo --- Big Performance Updates!

UPDATE 20/11/2020 Game demo is now live and playable!!!

Hey guys - think its time to share what I’ve been working on and ask for some feedback. I’m working on a speedrun/platforming type game with pirate/tropical/aztec theming.
I’ve tried to use roblox parts as little as possible!
I’ll try and keep this topic updated with new previews until hopefully there will be a closed beta some time month after next…
Would love to know what you guys think about my progress so far…

Stay cool!


That’s looking good, mate! I think you nailed the lighting and the models.


Aww thanks dude, all i really did for the lighting was discover the atmosphere module XD


Nice job! I love the overall atmosphere presented on the island.
Your build style is amazing and I encourage you to carry on this way.

What I liked:

  • The Attention to detail
    Every corner of the provided screenshots has something to look at. From amazing lighting to incredible models, everything and creates the correct atmosphere perfectly.

  • The attention to terrain
    It is no doubt you have put a lot of thought into the terrain. You have made sure that everything looks natural. You have no flat, boring surfaces and everything has some life to it. You have mixed multiple “materials” which is much more interesting than simply using sand the whole time!

What could be Improved:

  • Experiment with different textures
    Personally, I believe that your modelling skills are great but there is one thing that could be improved, and that is the textures. For some reason the pillars don’t look spot on like everything else, I can’t tell if its just because it looks drawn or another reason. Please note this is personal opinion. Experiment with more textures if possible and try find the best match!

  • Small errors in the build (Doesn’t make much difference)
    I noticed that some plants clip through the terrain and models, and there is an area where some the terrain looks unnatural. Screenshots provided

Plant Clipping Through Model:

Plants Clipping Through Each Other:

Unnatural Terrain Formation:
[Image refused to load, I’ll try reply with the image]

These are just little things I noticed, that doesn’t mean I don’t like your build. This has to be, by far, one of the best builds I’ve seen this month. Keep up the work!
[English is not my native language so please take that in note if you see any errors]


Yeah the plants have already been shuffled about + I’m very aware of the alpha clipping - super annoying , but there’s not much i can do about it. fortunately the new surface appearance module is set to fix all of that (fingers crossed), so i’m just going to have to wait for the release. + The pillar texture was a placeholder until i based the colour scheme around it, i def need to include pbr elements for it or just jazz it up, your right it looks too flat/ lacks depth…
Thanks for the feedback XD
Your English is actually very good.


Pirate island is looking pretty well so far! I’d recommend to make more detail. You could add seagulls and pirate treasure hidden across the world of pirate island! You should also add enemy ships as well.


haha there are animated seagulls already, there are also animated sharks in the water… but yeah wildlife is super important to make the place seemed lived in, maybe a monkey? or a parrot, sea turtles? i cant think of any other piraty animals XD + yeah defiantly ships and ship wrecks are a good idea. I might make a model, or i might use transparent decals to save on power as they will be background objects…


@PotatoVampire7797 Great! Im glad to help. :slight_smile:

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I dunno if this is a good idea but i think i might use this topic as a sorta dev blog thing… and keep it updated with new pictures of how everything is taking shape… So that said… here is a few pics showing my progress this week…

Ive added way more foliage and added lava and dynamic lighting for it, the lava also rises and falls singing the platforms when it touches them. (basically tweens their colour black and turns on smoke particles, really simple to do but really effective in motion)

Spooky little grotto…

Ive also started building a second island with some very large lava flooded ruins to traverse… Still in very early stages here tho.

I’ve also started replacing a few textures with higher quality ones but that’s not ready yet.
Hope you guys are doing good,more updates coming soon…


Dunno how long its been, guess its been a week… feels like a week XD… That means its time for some more promotional pics

Made a lava river

Checkpoint Temple Design

Watch Out For Sharks

Mine-shaft with spider webs

Still not finished the lava pit section, but it think its coming along well.

Hope you guys are doing well with you own projects, more updates soon…


Another week down - Time for another update - Guess this is the spooky update!!! :ghost:

There’s Now Lots of Scary Caves to Explore!!!

And a Dinosaur Graveyard

Plus the lava river is complete :smiley:
And thats it for now…
Hope you guys are doing good and all your projects are going well!


@PotatoVampire7797, for some islands, you should add hidden booby traps. Like if someone were to steal some treasure, a booby trap would easily stop them.

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Its turning into more of a collectathon platformer, so there will be lots of things to pick-up & find and then trade for costumes and collectables… So yeah there are lots of traps and evil tricks and stuff but its going to be PvE rather than PvP… i think the basic structure is going to be there are 6 hidden gems in each level you need to find at least 3 to unlock the next level, but to access secret levels and get special clothing etc your going to have to collect all 6… maybe? something like that… I can def promise you traps tho :laughing:


Wow! It’s decent. I really like the leaves of the palms. It’s also very detailed.

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another 10 days down, i’m almost ready to do some open alpha testing - Please message me if your interested… I’ll be starting a group for those interested shortly.

Redesigned the level a bit and added collectables. They are yellow pellets you can see in the pics (i’ll come up with a better name for them later) these are used for the purchase of things like outfits and cosmetics.

Added lots of new platforming sections

The second checkpoint is now way more complete

Foliage has been added to the dinosaur graveyard

Underground treasure vault

Basically the thing is getting huge!
Anyways hope your projects are going well and hope you enjoy the pics.
+Do message me if you are interested in being an alpha tester (especially if you have access to the console version or the ability to play on tablet, as i need to check performance and have no access to those systems.)
+Also I will need someone with a more powerful PC who can take video footage of the game at highest quality settings (I’m developing this game on a 6 year old laptop and I’m basically restricted to mid level graphics in studio and lowest settings when playing) So please message if you can help take footage and screenshots in a better quality than me.
+Also if you’ve got a good name for my collectables please shove it in the comments below. :smiley:


Wow those pictures take my breath away :grin:
Unfortunately i couldnt really help you on any of the specific testing you need done :cry:
but i would love to do any basic testing if you need that done (being somewhat of a parkour game fanatic)

hmmmm cant really think of any names for the yellow orbs at the moment, but i will say that to me basic tennis ball looking things look kinda out of place in a visually stunning pirate adventure obby (not saying that to be rude thats just the way they appear to me)

Anyways the build looks awesome and if you want me to test or anything my discord is TrashPanda #3022.
Good Luck :+1:

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hey cheers dude,
Yeah if your interested it’d be great to have you!!!
Please join my group. There will defiantly be robux awards for alpha testers - if the game makes any money.

Yeah i think your partially right about the balls, but the ultimate plan is to make a hub world and have many different locations to visit. From a gamplay point they also have to be relativly easy to spot and not blend in with the background. So I chose to make a very generic looking collectable that would work regardless of the setting. Although like you suggested it may be more interesting to have level specific collectables, i.e if we are in ancient Egypt maybe golden Ankh or scarabs, if we are in pirate land (I’m possibly going to have to change the name of the level too its like 2% pirate 80% native temples, and 18% dinosaur XD) like pieces of eight…and if we are in the future power cells or something… So yeah helpful feedback, i will have to consider what to do, but obviously there will be no changes until after the alpha, but I’ve written it on my master bug list!
So yea please join the group it’d be awesome to have you!
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Alpha testing group is online

Please join if you are interested in participating.
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That looks amazing! In my opinion this is my favorite design ive seen on roblox. The lighting and colors are great

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Thanks loads, really appreciate it…!! consider joing the group if you want to become an alpha tester, we’d love to have you aboard! :smiley:

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