Pirates of the Dead Seas is looking for beta testers!

About Us

Hi there! You might or heard that we are making a game called Pirates of the Dead Seas. We are currently looking for beta testers to help us test the demo game before we release it to the public.

Some progress

About the Job

You will be responsible for testing and giving us feedback. There will be multiple testing sessions we will do. You do not have attend all of it but attend at least once a week. Each session will be hosted by a developer and you will be on voice chat with the developer. We need both mobile and pc testers.

0/20 Testers


You will not be given robux for payment but a special name tag in the group as well as a name tag in the server and game. If you do good, we will reward you with free game passes.

Contact Us

To apply, join our discord server: Splatter Games OLD and our Roblox group: Splatter Games - Roblox. After you do that, you would have to fill out a google form here: Testers Application and the verification code is $plqjj3rjqn3$.

Thanks for reading if you have any questions or concerns please comment them!


We are currently looking up to 20 testers! Submit your applications by next week!

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I have applied. Hope I pass. I just wanted to say although on the application it says what you play on I do have access to my PC and phone for testing. I also have a very good PC and very very bad PC.

Still need 5 more testers! Apply now!

Hey there I applied, I’ve seen you popping up often lol.

Looking for mobile testers! Make sure to apply now!

Does both work, since you only give one option in the form.

Yes it does! We currently have no mobile testers.

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