Pixel Studio Update Log

Pixel Studio is a plugin designed to simplify your workflow. As a result, Pixel Studio is constantly being updated with bug fixes and new features. Stay up-to-date with the latest Pixel Studio updates here!

Latest Version of Pixel Studio:

Pixel Studio (v3)
Rewrote entire plugin from scratch. Major UI Improvements

  • Rewrote entire plugin from scratch with new up-to-date code
  • Major plugin widget improvements
  • Major UI improvements
  • ** Asset Spawner plugin is now built-in with Pixel Studio
  • Many bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 3.1.0
Introduces a new “Studio Stopwatch” feature

  • Keep track of how long you’ve been in studio
  • Great for video time lapses
  • Keeps counting, even with the plugin deactivated or tabbed-out
  • “Start / Pause” button also serves as a “Pause / Resume” feature
  • Output a timestamp to keep track of time periods

Some features will be missing, as I am rewriting the entire plugin from scratch. Make sure you keep your Pixel Studio plugin up-to-date to get all the new features!

** Make sure you uninstall the stand-alone Asset Spawner plugin, otherwise you will have a duplicate. Enjoy the new and improved Asset Spawner, built-in with Pixel Studio!