Place able items down

Does anyone know a video or know how to make it where I play a key down onto like maybe an example like a table and when u place it down the item leaves ur inventory and shows on the table and it opens a door? I searched vids up like that and saw nothing good

Could you please give a lot more details about what exactly you want to happen, and what you have currently?

Yea what I have currently is just a key that goes into a door nothing special but I want it where u place a key down by tapping it where it goes like an example the mimic chapter 3 there’s a skull part where there’s 4 hands and 4 skulls once u pick up 1 skull I go to the hand that matches the color of the hand and u put the skull on the hand and once u put all 4 it openes a door

Well, you could use a Proximity Prompts | Roblox Creator Documentation to interact with the world with a key press.

Then, remove the key from the players backpack (or wherever) if they have it and open the door.

What @nicemike40 said, you could use proximity prompts.

You would make a part, which could be transparent on the table, and CanCollide is false. Place the ProximityPrompt inside and then a script inside.

You can make it so that the tool is out of the player’s backpack, then cloning it onto the table and the door opens.

Is there any vids to help me with that cuz I have no idea what to do with those stuff