Place creation notifications

Is this ever going to be fixed?

Jingles doesn’t typically spam my feed with place creation, but Dued does since he has such a popular game T_T Prior to the friends update, it was as simple as un-best-friending them and that removed the notifications. They were still your friend, but you no longer received notifications from them. However, with the friends update, I no longer have the luxury of un-best-friending them. I don’t want to have to start removing people from my friends list as a means of turning off place creation spam. I’m not even following him – he’s just on my friends list. Either make a way to disable notifications from people (i.e. don’t display notifications from friends you’re not following. That’s how it should be) or get rid of such an annoying notification – preferably both, please.

This is an annoying bug with the introduction of programmatic place creation. I will file an appropriate ticket to get this fixed.