Place description gets filtered if it has a newline

Bug description:
If you edit your place description with anything and have a newline character it will get rejected for “Inappropriate place name or description.”

Where is the bug:
The “Configure Place” page on any game

Where the bug happens:
When you submit your description changes

When it started happening:
As of recently, about 1-8 hours ago.

Reproduction steps:
1.) Go to any game that you can edit the description of
2.) Edit the description, Add a new line to any message you want for example:

This is a 

3.) Save changes and you will be greeted with the error


Can reproduce with any number of newlines.


Currently having the same problem.

It’s preventing me from making any changes to my game’s description. Hope this somehow gets resolved soon! :neutral_face:

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Issue seems to be resolved now.

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Could you DM me the text that was getting caught in the filter?


I was having issues earlier also, glad to see it was fixed.

I’m still having this problem.

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