Place UI respectively to the part's position

Is it possible to locate a UI’s location base on a part’s position without using WorldToViewportPoint?

Let the red part to be a center, and a green part offseting the red part for 2 studs.

And respectively, the red UI represents the center part, which positioned in the center of the UI, and the green UI represents the green part.

When the camera gets far / close away from the red part, the green part will be closer to the red part. How do I trace it’s position on camera and convert it to a UI position, and move the green UI accordingly?
Image from Gyazo

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If I understand correctly

I think you’d want to get the distance of the camera from the red part, then position the green part an offset of the red part accordingly.

Given that the distance between red part and camera is known, and NONE of the parts are not moving, only camera. And I want to know how to trace the green part’s change in camera view into the UI.

So use the distance of the green part from the camera.