Placeable Seat Tool

So, I have researched a bit on how to make this but I have found no results at all and I have no clue on how to even start scripting this idea.

What I’d like to achieve :

A tool that clones the handle in front of the player, adds a seat to the clone and, when the tool is triggered again, destroy the handle and the seat object that was cloned in front of the player.

What features I would like the tool to have :

  • Display a semi-transparent display model in front of the player when the tool is equipped, representing where the cloning would occur
  • Only the player who has cloned the tool can sit on the seat
  • The seat being triggered only by proximity prompt, not when the player touches the seat
  • Make the tools handle transparency = 1 upon cloning and transparency = 0 when destroyed

I haven’t tried to script the said tool, because as I said, I have no clue on how to start. Any sort of help will be greatly appreciated.