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About Me

Hi there! My name is PlainPrivilege1. I am an advanced 14 year old programmer and manager. I have 2 -3 years of experience, I started in (mid) 2018. I have worked on numerous projects for development teams. I am currently working on Boundless (Survival game by: @OG_Netflix). I really strive when I am working in professional and respectful environment. I would say that I am remarkably mature and professional with the people I speak with, though sometimes I may joke around depending on the situation.

For programming, I can program a variety of things which range from very complex to very simple. I strive in programming stuff which most simulators, FPS games, and survival games games consist of.

In terms of management, I am eminently decent at managing your games, organizing development teams, and even managing your commissions. I am excellent when it comes to organization as it assists me with coordinating, arranging, and planning events. I commenced my managing profession around a couple weeks ago.

Please note: The abbreviation TREFC stands for Total Robux Earned For Clients.


Management Work
Client 1

Name Of The Client: @Celerat

TREFC: 20 - 25k robux

His portfolio: [OPEN] Celerat - GFX Artist - Collaboration / Portfolios - DevForum | Roblox

Programming Work

Test Games
(9) Sprint System Test - Roblox

(9) Ping UI Test - Roblox

(9) Camera Bobble Test - Roblox

(9) Death UI Test - Roblox

(9) Admin Panel Test - Roblox


  Item Pickup System via Proximity Prompt

  Choppable Tree and Log System


 Double Jump System with Animation


more to come, once boundless is released


If you are interested in hiring me then please read the rules before contacting me.

1. Make sure to give all details before I start working.
2. Orders will be completed as soon as possible (ASAP)… So please do not rush me.
3. Please be professional, mature, and respectful to me and I will be the same to you as well


For programming tasks, it really depends on the immensity and complexity of the tasks. Obviously, the more complex the task, the more expensive it is. No worries, prices are and will always be negotiable.

For management, I only take 5 - 10 percent, before, it would cost 10 - 25 percent but there is currently a discount.


  • Developer Forum: @PlainPrivilege1
  • Roblox: PlainPrivilege1
  • Discord: FrenchToast#7857

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


I recommend PlainPrivielge1 he is super active and his prices are cheap and affordable and he is definitely very experienced and mature. 9/10 rating from me.

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Oh Thanks! I appreciate it @OG_Netflix.

PlainPrivilege1 is a great person to work with!
He creates quality work in a small amount of time and is capable of programming a variety of things.
I would definitely recommend him, with him, communication is easy!


I would vouch for PlainPrivlege1!
His managing and coding skills are on point, and he is easy to talk to and he communicates extremely clearly.
Definitely a great choice for a project manager and/or scripter.



I highly recommend this guy, he is cheap and fast, finished quickly. 9/10 scripter/programmer.

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