Plane scripting, where should i start and what should i do

I am trying to make an fps game a bit like battlefield, I have the guns, models, etc done but all i need to do now is make the vehicles.

I have made the land vehicles now but the planes i will need help with.

How would i do this?

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The short and most offered response is do a search for articles and tutorials for this subject.


i have but i found nothing. all of the ones i found were from like 2013 or in 144px so are unviewable

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You should ask a question about how to get started with making vehicles, rather than just asking a broad question like this.

OK so perhaps trying a more generic search like
roblox how to build planes

i am scripting not building and i tried pretty much every search term possible

i have made the other vehicles. the only vehicles i am stuck on are the planes

ok and I am sorry if I am being unhelpful but have you tried search
roblox how to script planes

yes i have, as i said i have tried almost every search term possible

So you have tried

that is free modelled. i am making it myself due to some technical reasons

We can’t guide you step by step on how to make a Plane as obviously this would take a long time. I recommend you do some research into the way Psychics work on this platform and even a tutorial on YouTube directly for how to make a plane. Hope this helped :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok, Understand that. I just thought you should look at it and get some idea of how to do it and then have a go and then ask for help when you get stuck.