Planetary Gravity using Gravity Controller By @EgoMoose?

I want to make a minable Planet that the player can walk around

I am very bad at physics so I used Gravity Controller By @EgoMoose

It works fine while walking on the surface but as soon as i mine down i encounter some issues.
I walk on the walls of the cave instead of falling to the center of the planet.

Here is an example of me mining into the planet and walking on the walls (Not what i want)

Here is an example with what i want to happen after i mine into the planet

I have searched for solutions for a month now and i can’t find anything useful.
And this is the only controller that i fount wich can work with terrain.
Any planetary gravity scripts that i found didn’t work with terrain

The reason i want to use terrain do badly is that i can mine into it.
Using parts isn’t an option since the default roblox ball is too low poly and has weird collisions when big. Meshes aren’t an option either because the only way i know to make a hole in a part is with unions, but they don’t work on meshes.

Anyways, What is I’m asking for is maybe helping me do some slight modification to EgoMoose’s Controller so it just pulls the player to a center of mass (By that i mean a vector3 Value) that i can jut put in the center of the terrain ball and not make the player walk on it’s walls. Just perpendicular to the ball’s surface


Are you using the actual gravity controller or the wall stick controller?

I opend up this place Clicked on the three dots and then clicked edit and then I made a terrain sfere

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then you are using the gravity controller

After a year I have finally managed to do it.
If anyone else stumbled upon this dev forum post looking for how to do it here is a tutorial.


I found some bugs there about jumping system. Basically when the character is not in it’s “original” orientation it jumps sideways and it can jump into space. Let me know if you want my help to fix it!

Thank you for telling me about it!
I knew about the bug and I had fixed it already, I just forgot to publish the changes
If you have noticed any other bugs please tell me

HALLELUJAH!!! I have been trying to do this forever and never could figure it out! Thank you so much man! This is an incredible resource!

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Oh, and one more thing. I noticed that your forward momentum stops if you jump.

Also, one more thing. I am encountering this bug quite frequently. It’s dragging me sideways for no reason, and it doesnt orient the player properly.

it’s because of the spaceship. I might make a better one in the future but i’m not sure


That would be awesome if you could fix, or at least give me some pointers as to where I could fix it.

Also, if you sit in a seat, you cant get up again.

Also, when you die, it kills you like over 50 times. It’s kind of wierd.

Use the custom seat system i made here is a link, if it makes you fly change it’s name from seat to something else. The script for Fly is in starter player starter character scripts and it’s called Ship. It’s a fly script i got from the toolbox that i just made to make you fly whenever you go into the ship

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Try removing the death sound and add a death screen on top and customise the respawn time found in The Players class

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You spent a year trying to fix it, legend.
I stumbled across this post looking for the same problem with EgoMoose’s controller. How did you fix it? Also since you use terrain, does swimming in terrain water work fine?

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Hi, Swimming in terrain does not work, unfortunately, as it would require some reworking of the player controller.

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