Plans for Pre/Post RDC

Hey guys, I’m looking for people that would want to do some stuff around the Bay Area either before or after RDC this year. Currently, my trip is looking to be from the 9th through the 11th (cause I don’t have any other plans), but I would LOVE to extend it so I can enjoy my time in California. Last year I went with a group of developers to Muir Woods and I would love to do that again, and I also went to the zoo and Pier 39. So far this year, I was looking into the California Academy of Sciences, and maybe Union Square for starters. If you want to make plans, feel free to hit me up on discord and we can look into it!




My friend and I were going to try and find a rock climbing gym if we end up getting invited. Not a rock solid plan, but we’d love to have more people if it works out.


Is that a pun I detected? :smirk:


I remember after RDC ended, a few of us went go-karting at K1 Speed. The host of the event was GeorgeTheDev, who had since changed the username and therefore I cannot @ him properly. :unamused:

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That was during RDC, right after gamejam started.

After the go-karting we all raided ihop lol. I think I sat at a table with you, @starchip12 and @Nightgaladeld.

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Yes, I remember that. But it was after the event ended entirely, and it was evening. I also remember the stressed waitress lol

then there was the uncontrollable laughter at the high-pitched oof video

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Hi interesting topic for me here, I will also like to see new things and have fun with friends I sent an invite on Discord. Username: smart_coder#0001.

Still not entirely sure if I’m even going (though I got invited), but would love to be kept in the loop :sunglasses:

He is now @MisterBIueTurtle I think

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I’m not hosting the K1 Event again. Someone left without paying, so I had to pay for them, and it was a lot of stress for me to do the event in general. If anyone else wants to host it, I’d be glad to give them some tips & tricks about how to set it up with K1, however I’m not taking the burden this year.

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Yess!! I also remember when Carlos saved us by giving us an Uber ride back to the hotel hahaha. It was amazing!

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I remember that lol. Someone also did that when we were at ihop.


Speaking of ihop, do you guys have any plans to meet at a restaurant before or after RDC this year?

I might, I won’t know until the conference gets near.

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Aight, if you want to meet somewhere before or afterwards hook me up :slight_smile:

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