Plans For Sponsored Ads. Should I do this?

I am releasing a game soon and wonder what my Sponsored Ad plan will be. I am currently doing 2500 Robux in sponsored ads for Saturday and Sunday and 500 for school days. I am doing this for 2 weeks straight to keep players in a continuous flow. Is this a good idea?


Why not?

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2500k is equal to 2.5M Robux, but I think you meant 2.5k. Surely that should be enough, but I don’t think 500 would be sufficient. You at least have to spend 1k to get a good result (Depending on the ad.) I highly recommend not doing this and just sponsoring the game.

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2.5K is not enough for stable playerbase or any changes to your stats for the algorithim. It would do good for a clothing group, but not a online game. 500 a day is useless for a game with no active players.


I would make sure your game has no errors or anything before doing this. Make sure that your players would be engaged with your game, because if it is a game finished in 5 minutes you won’t maintain a stable player base. That would cause the effect of no players. If there is no players, how many people would play the game? Once they join, they will quickly leave after completing a five minute game. Basically, a butterfly effect.


I could just then do at least 3750 on weekdays. (if thats good enough)

I’m doing 10K on a day and then 1000 everyday for the following days. Of course I’m also contacting YouTubers and advertisers.

(Compared to a guy with 500K my advertisements are probably useless)

Yeah I am also going to get a big server to do a game night on my game, make a TikTok advertisement, and try to contact Youtubers. Any Youtubers you recommend to contact?

Live, active and new.
They gain loads of viewers and influences while asking for a very low maybe even free fee.

A’right thanks/ this is to fill characters