Plants vs Zombi update board

Game link: PVZ Roblox Edition - Roblox
It will be updated for sure!

Version % Update list:

Version 0.1.3

-fix a stage not teleporting properly
-changed stage sound

Version 0.1.2

-added a difficulty settings
-added a inventory and achivements
-added a beta tester achivement
-added night level (not finish yet)

Version 0.1.1

-added a barrier so that you can lose
-added wall nut
-added cherry bomb
-sunflowers drops are not automatically anymore
-fix bug which cause pea to not hit a zombi (getting better but not the best)
-fix bug which cause the zombi to not load a eating animation (for normal zombi)

Version 0.1.0

-Added game mechanics
-Added plants
-Added Zombies