Plasma Media Corporation Shutdown

I’d like to announce that Plasma Media Corporation is shutting down.
Now I know some people will be confused by this discussion but it all runs down from PMC’s past.

PMC began last year not even with the intent of trying to make stuff often yet it still had unreasonable goals. The downfall of PMC started very shortly after the original BHNPS guide came out as the old administration (which all resigned / quit) decided to make an HQ. This HQ was a big time waster, full of bugs, and had no reason to exist which then only was officially canceled in the summer.

All the drama behind the HQ gave PMC a bad name which it still carries to this day. As PMC now is not as bad as it was before, it still should not exist to this extent. PMC is way too much of a hassle for the Media Director as all the blame gets pushed towards the current one.

My choice of Shutting it down and not transferring ownership is because I do not want this to continue. as I have been in PMC the longest as in not leaving once since the beginning I feel like i have the wisest choice for this as transferring ownership for the 4th time would just create an endless cycle.

Farewells. -Anthony (Media Director)