Plasma Tech Security Training Handbook

During a training you are expected to follow all the hosts guidelines. These guidelines could be, don’t use admin commands if you have mod privileges, obey PTS, etc. Disobeying these guidelines can lead to punishments, such as a demotion, rank lock, ban, or what most trainers will do, not promote you. You are expected to be in the group to participate in a training, and you will be kicked if you are not in the group.

Training Abbreviations:
STS - Shoulder to Shoulder
SFL - Single File Line
PTS - Permission to Speak
DFL - Double File Line
TFL - Triple File Line

STS - When a trainer asks you to SFL, you should line up on the lines. If there are no lines, line up in front of them.
PTS - A trainer should usually explain what PTS is. If PTS is enabled, you are not allowed to speak. If you must speak, say PTS into the chat and the trainer will either say “Speak” into the chat, or “Declined”. If they say speak, you may speak until they revoke your PTS. If they say declined, do not speak, and do not spam PTS into the chat.
SFL - When the trainer tells you to SFL, you should line up in a single file line behind them.

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