Platformer styled coins

I don’t really know where to even start with this

I’m trying to create a coin system like the game “egg”

Unfortunately i have no idea how to go about this, theres so many ways to do it that i dont know which one would have the least amount of lag

How should i handle them respawning?
How should i handle the spawning?
How do i get collected coins to respawn?
How do i get them to rotate and float without a ton of lag?
All sorts of stuff

But for now i just want to be able to walk over them and have them respawn

I’m thinking of having them just turn transparent and become uncollectable, but how would i do this? Should i have a script inside the coin part? Or a script that handles every coin in the game?

  1. When someone grabs them you can put them in a timeout folder in serverstorage, and then put them back after a while
  2. You could just place them around the map and make them start in serverstorage in a folder like the timeout one and have them eventually spawn
  3. Number 1 answers this.
  4. You can repetitively change the CFrame.Angles of the object

Along with that you can use a script in each coin or use a script that grabs all the coins and has them apply to a module