"Play" and "Run" buttons aren't working in studio

I have recently tried to build some stuff in studio yet when I click either the run or play buttons to test some simple scripts I wrote they both freeze mid way and don’t load. I have also tried this on a completely blank place. I have yet to try to see if this problem occurs in multiplayer studio (a term I just made up for when I click edit and it automatically saves into the ROBLOX cloud rather than your computer.)


Try pressing F6 (or tools -> test -> play solo) instead of using the different 2 toolbar buttons. If that still freezes, use F7 + Alt F7 (or tools -> test -> start server -> start player). If that STILL freezes, something is buggy with some code in your place (could be infinite loop).

Ninja edit: Tested myself and Play and Run work fine for me. :>

Play solo works but both of the play buttons still don’t work for me. I tried to see if not having ROBLOX player not updated was the problem but after updating and retrying it wasn’t.

Also, I am using the play and run buttons on new maps.

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I have the same problem, they actually do work, but the program goes not responding for a few mins, I pressed play, and took a break, and when I came back it was working :slight_smile: I’m running XP, so developers usually gloss over supporting my OS, so I’m used to weird stuff like that, thought it was just me

I run XP, and am on a 32 bit os, with a 64 processor, running AMD, and a geforce card, lets see if we can find any correlation in our comp stats that might be making it not work/take so long

Well, I use 7, heh, just the basic version of it though.

The Play Solo buttons don’t work for me either.

They stop at 33% and then freeze studio. The reset button doesn’t do anything either, and when the two play buttons do work, they both do a simple call to RunService::Run()