Play Menu UI Design

I’ve made this menu for a marble track builder sandbox game, and I’m wondering if there’s any refinements that could be made to make it more generally appealing. The game isn’t specifically aimed at any target audiences, just a game for anyone, any age, to enjoy. I tried to take a shot at something pleasant and also semi-professional and inviting. Feel free to be as honest as you want about it. Thank you!

(There are 2 modes, dark and light)

Light theme

Dark theme


simplistic and great its good. the settings button needs to look different then the background color though, and make there no stroke on the text

That’s really good, but the black button with a black button should be changed to other color in my opinion. “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Changed the settings button to the same color as the light theme. Text stroke was removed, and I reverted the text on the buttons back to black. I think that those suggestions helped, thanks!
Of course if there’s anything else than you can tell me.

Since this UI is for a side game, I’ll have to decide a different settings button color. On the actual game as of right now, there’s a blue credits button that’s in the same place as the settings button right now. This credits button will be transferred over to this. I was thinking I could see how yellow could work, not too yellow, just yellow with a tint of orange to it. Tonight or tomorrow I’ll probably work on adding the credits button.