Play My Game And Leave A Review!

Pls Play and let me know what you think about it!

The Crash [1K Visits Update] - Roblox


First off, your game was confusing when I first played it. I think you need to add an NPC with dialogue where the player spawns and the NPC would walk players through how to play the game (with camera movements 'n stuff). Creative concept though!


Nice. Some bugs I noticed is that the enemy occasionally teleport back to their spawn when they chase me. Dead enemies also still injure me when I touch them. The damage points UI doesn’t disappear when I die and will remain. Other than that, keep working on it!


Its really not bad,
But there is a lot of space empty in the dome
I’d also suggest to make the grass looks more realistic

For the computer, maybe make it look more realistic?
The table that the blue screens was on looked a but off.
Other than that it’s great!

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