Play test new game

hello. i am working on this game for quite a lot of time and yea.
try it out and tell me if you find any bug, even i dont think there is one.


the game doesnt contain any free model or images from toolbox.
the only free model used is a “immersive ads” banner

also theres a “support Guy” in the lobby that can answer simple questions


Please move this to #help-and-feedback:creations-feedback .

Just looking at the game, is all that’s making it different from the original game is that it’s shorter?

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Scripting Support isn’t the place for this. Creations Feedback would be a better place for this.

thanks i just did it. sorry for wrong place again ):

no it is also less memory slurping and doesnt contain any mesh at all

and? could you find any bug? if so please tell me about so i can fix it

cool, i played it for like 1 minute and it looked nice🥺