Playback Loudness Event Feature?

Have they made an update where you can detect playback loudness and fire an event such as .changed on number values but on playback loudness?

I would love to use a script line that does not involve run service to reduce lag on the game.

Only solution I’ve used was run service system on a local script. Anyone care to help me out on this one?


I’m going to try that but you think it will work with using PlaybackLoudness instead of volume? No worries I’m on my phone as well. I’m about to try it right now. I don’t think the volume property would be the one I’m looking for since I don’t change the volume.

I changed it so it could work with playbackloudness if it’s supported.

I’ll print a list of property tables using the changed event on it to see what available changed properties fire when the event hits.

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Okay, tell me if it works! I can’t really test anything until the day after tomorrow :confused:

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That script wouldn’t really be useful since the playback loudness isn’t detected. I just experimented with it however, it doesn’t really fire the event when the playback loudness is updated. Looks like we have to try something else besides using Run Service.

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A sounds loudness property is going to be changing a lot a lot, so that’s probably why it doesn’t fire the Changed event. If you want to use it, just use a loop with a timer or connect to Heartbeat.

Just a note: in the case that you need to check the change of a single property, you should be using GetPropertyChangedSignal. This returns a change signal which is fired only when the property specified is changed, rather than for all properties.

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I stated without using loops and for the timer, it would be out of sync. I don’t modify volume at all so the event isn’t going to be detected.

When I say volume I’m talking about loudness. Sorry but it’s your only option if it doesn’t fire the event

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