Player already left

Hello there, I have this script here which checks for a GUI when the .PlayerRemoving has fired:

     if Player.PlayerGui.MenuUI:FindFirstChild("PlayerLobby") then

Though it says PlayerGui is not a valid member of Player meaning the Player is already nil or the Player has left.

Is there a different way of doing this? If so a reply would be appreciated.

Any help is appreciated, Thanks.

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I’m confused why this would need to be used. If the player isn’t in the game, what would you possibly need this for?

Okay but why

By the time the Player already leaves like you said, defining its PlayerGui & MenuUI variables will already be nil since their client is closed

I’m just wondering why you’re doing this, since you’re literally doing nothing changing the GUI when the Player leaves

@Jackscarlett @DataAspect , This isn’t all of my code. Its just a base for what I need

But is there any logical reason why you would need to get the player’s playergui after they have left? I don’t see a single use case for this.

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Basically, I’m setting a Image to nil if their UserId matches with the ImageId

But they’ve already left, so they wouldn’t see the change.

Well I’m also setting other players Images which are still in the server to nil too.

Could you just use Player.UserId? No idea why you would need to get the playergui.

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To answer this:

More than likely in the way you’re doing it, no

You’re attempting to make GUI changes by the time the Player leaves, which will result as a nil value

If for some reason you really want to do this, use DataStores instead to detect when a player begins to leave & save certain values & detect the changes that way

I need to get the Image in a frame and compare it with the UserId, Not just the UserId…

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So there is no way to do this other than using DataStores?

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If you really need an image id that bad, just send the image id to the server when it changes.

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Well, my choice would be to use DataStores

You can also use RemoteEvents if you want everyone to see the Player that left, using FireAllClients() with sending the Player’s UserId

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