Player Badges link incorrectly, leading to error page

Not a major bug, just something I noticed a couple days ago.

This is the “I Am… All of Me” badge for Despicable Forces. The title of the badge has three periods. When clicking the badge either from the game’s page itself, or inside a player’s inventory, it’ll lead to the badge’s page like usual. However, player profiles have a “Player Badges” section on the bottom of their page, which showcases their six most recent badges.

It appears the Player Badges links aren’t formatted like normal links, instead putting the badge’s regular name after the ID. In most cases, this is fine due to the only incorrect characters being spaces, and the site will correct the link as the page loads, but the periods within the “I Am… All Of Me” badge cause this correction to fail.

I’ve gone and earned the badge on an alternative account, so that this issue can easily be replicated until fixed.


Should be fixed now. Thanks for reporting


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