Player CameraMax/MinZoomDistance not working when set on respawn

If my max/min zoom distance is set to (x,x) when I die and then I have a local script immediately parented to the new character that sets it to (y,y), the zoom doesn’t change at all. This only happens in online mode and doesn’t happen in play solo.

In this example, I set my min/max zoom distance is set to (10,10) after I reset. A local script is immediately parented to my character when it respawns and sets it to (0.5,0.5) (the smallest you can go – first person). It seems the property is set correctly (screenshot from Anaminus’s online mode explorer):

but the camera isn’t actually set correctly. The camera is still at 10,10 instead of 0.5,0.5. Even if I reset again (while the property is still at 0.5,0.5), I respawn and I’m still at 10,10 in third person.