Player doesn't respawn on the player's team spawn?

Using this snippet of a LocalScript (with the player defined and the remove event successfully loads the character)

player.Team = game.Teams.Assassins
repeat wait() until player.Team == game.Teams.Assassins

Why might the player not spawn on the specific team spawner?


Can you show your spawnLocation properties and the Assassins team color?

I showed this in the video. aaaaaa

Try changing the player’s team with " game:GetService(‘Teams’)"[“Team name”]. Maybe that helps

I think it is because you are using a local script and it only changes the group locally and not to the server

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Make sure that the spawn’s team color is the same of the team and also uncheck the box “Neutral” of the spawn

If none of these suggestions work, try adding a local script in the player’s character that teleports them to the correct spawn location when the character loads. I use that sometimes :slight_smile: