Player HP value changes when in solo play, but not when I test with multiple characters?

I’m making a game with a custom-made HP system. When I go into players and change the value when playing solo it works like it should, but when I try a local server it doesn’t change for any of the windows. What could be the problem?

Needs more details. Where are you changing health from? You will only see the value replicate to other clients if you change it from the server. Changes made from a specific client window in a local server are client-sided and will not replicate as per the client-server model.

I’m just changing it in one of the test windows so I guess that’s my proble?? Not sure but I can try doing something server side that takes it away and see if that works

For reference:

Local servers are pretty self explanatory; Server represents the server and the other windows represent clients connected to the server. These windows run on their respective environments; server on the server, clients on clients. If you’re familiar with the client-server model, client changes do not propagate to the server. Therefore, if you change something on one blue window, it will not show up on the other(s). The only way to get it to show up on all windows is to change it from the green window.

Oh ok i’m dumb that worked, The damage sound plays server side but I guess that’s relatively easy to fix otherwise it works as expected