Player Info is not updating

CanUserChatAsync and i think more Player-Infos are not updating while Players are In-Game, Players need to leave and rejoin so their Info can update, is there a way when a Player is in the game and changes his Roblox Settings meanwhile that the Player info is also updating while the Player is in the Game?

Assuming that

is a special made Container containing your necessary data, you can check for the updates using a while loop with a 1-second delay. Otherwise, use GetPropertyChangedSignal on an instance you want to listen for, but I don’t know what Player Infos are you talking about.

I cant use while loop because its not updating with Player Infos i mean like when Player is joined the Group or i want to check if player has Chat enabled

He means the values of CanUserChatAsnyc doesn’t change when that user is in-game. Regardless of how many times you retrieve it, it will return the same value

Then it’s a Roblox issue here. Should be reported.

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Probably these values don’t change during the game instance to reduce server load