Player looking through bricks script problem

Hello devs.

I’m looking to achieve this system when looking through a part it turns transparent by +.5

I tried calling a function whenever the camera position changes and checking if that will touch a brick and if it does then it will turn it transparent, but that doesn’t seem to work.

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Need more information, like is this a vision tool that makes all walls and parts in the players viewport turn Transparency .5 or just certain Parts.
I don’t know if the Camera will actually touch a Part.

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When the player looks through a wall for examples , that certain wall should turn transparent.

You may need to use RayCasting to do this, the only issue is that when you have a wall made of many Parts you’d have to have a lot of Rays covering all those possibilities.

make a ray on the CurrentCamera that checks the lookVector if there is a part,it would make the part transparent


You should turn on invisicam:

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