Player not in same pllace as client?

So im checking out my game, and the player isn’t in the same place as the client on the server, any reason this could happen?

the only thing I can think is my teleports, which use positions to teleport players, but thats all?

Are any parts in the character model anchored? If so, do that on the client instead.

Im teleporting the humanoid root part using the server

Use the client to fix this issue.

how would I do that???

You should be using CFrame to teleport the player at all times.

Will this fix it? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Just the same thing, but on a local script.

Also, this. CFrame will recalculate your geometry, Position will not.

So I put my entire server script on my local script? Including the MoveTo() part?

I don’t know the context, so I don’t know. If it works, sure.
What does the script do?