Player Popularity is so far low, what can I do to improve this?

I want to achieve a decent CTR to advertise a game I am working on, so far the funds are 20,000 Robux for advertising.

I did a test advertisement for 100 Robux to see how it would go, and it is not going well at all. I got 908 impressions and only 1 click, I am very cautious and concerned about the game. I do think that the low CTR is because of the small test fund or because of the advertisement.

Is it something wrong with the game? How can I improve? Is the advertisement bad? Or is it because of the test funding amount?

The Game:

The Advertisement:

All help is much appreciated!

The advertisement seems fine but there are two things that are causing such a low CTR.

  1. A 100 robux bid is just too small. You won’t get a “true” CTR unless you place a bigger bid. Whether the “true” CTR ends up being bigger or smaller than the CTR you currently have is a risk you may have to take.

  2. Soccer, or even sports games in general, don’t appeal to most people on Roblox.

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Thanks for the advice, though the sports part should be passed as our funds are quite high.

100 Robux is usually sufficient to test the waters. While it will get more accurate the higher you go, factors like time of day, day of the week, and overall impression availability can also have a major influence.

I’ve found that professional-looking ads like that usually get dismal CTRs. This one I made a while back only got a 0.41% CTR:

While they are definitely appealing from a graphic designer’s viewpoint, kids on Roblox don’t have any idea what your game is or why they should care about it. Here are a few tips:

  1. Make it blatantly obvious what kind of game you are advertising. This also helps increase retention compared to other clickbait ads because the people who click on it are already interested in your game rather than just clicking on a random ad that looks cool. For example, no one will have any confusion where this will lead to when they click on it:

  2. Make the ad stand out. Use bright colors. Mention famous YouTubers. Create something that could easily catch the eye of a five-year-old. Here’s one that I recently tried out:

  3. Appeal to your audience. If you are trying to get soccer fans into our game, mention something about soccer. If you are trying to advertise your game’s Premium benefits to Premium players, try something like this:

These practices end up working fairly well for me. One more important thing to note is to make sure that your game is profitable before you spend money on advertising. It doesn’t do you much good to spend 20k Robux on advertising only to get 10k back. If you have any questions, feel free to reply.


I got teleported to a game without even doing anything. At least give a notification before sending me to a different place, please! Now I can’t type any feedback in the game because I get teleported.

That was a lobby teleporting to a place to play a soccer match.